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Nicole Gigatti-visual artist

Abstract Painting Illustration


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Nicole Gigatti is an abstract painter and illustrator. She is born in Italy and moved to the Netherlands at the age of six. Now she works from her studio in Deventer and her office in the creative hub of the Volkshotel in Amsterdam. 


Before Nicole Gigatti became a visual artist, she used movement as a means to explore her body. First through dance and later in her yoga practice. This exploration strives beyond the goal of to be aesthetically apealing. Rather, it acts as an inner observation of both the conflict and the balance. She uses her body as a tool to collect and express those components. Movement was not enough for her to make these components visible. She needed something more permanent. So as an extension of her hand, she added various materials. This led to the eventual creation of her abstract artworks. In her work she looks for materials that can be handled quickly, such as graffiti, markers, oil pastels and acrylic paint to enable this physical expression. Therefor the action becomes just as important as the final artwork itself.


She allows lines, surfaces and structures to intertwine until the correct proportion occurs. These entaglements or characthers give a calligraphic quality to her abstract paintings and illustrations. They are actual references to the organic, inner and still elements of nature and the mechanical, chaotic yet structured elements of the city. According to Nicole Gigatti, her fascination for these subjects have to do with her quest for her own roots. By moving 19 times, she developed her adaptability. In this way she discovered how those elements can relate to each other and thus change. Within this interaction she investigates the formalistic methods of the contemporary art world and Street art culture. She is inspired by artist Katharina Grosse, calligraphy artist Baikeisho, artists of the post-vandalism movement and street artist Pavel Rtue. By moving through time and space, she challenges herself to adapt and  to continue to look at her own work with different eyes. Her goal is to encourage you to do the same. To allow you to reflect on your own movement through time and space and how this movement can relates to the elements of the city and nature within yourself.

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