This first series is about the entaglement of my innerworld which reflect the outerworld. Exploring my surroundigs I read the language of the city. By adding and deleting, putting lineair versus dynamic, I am weighing the balance of the streets where I have been searching for my roots -everytime I moved- and my body itself as the home. In every new town I arrived I went on looking for the unknown and left behind places. There I found the memory of different pasts and the possibility of new meanings for the future. Therefor, the process of creation is just as important for the revalation of emotions, linked to the past, as the outcome of the vision for the future.

The media used in these pieces are acrylic, markers, graffiti, indian ink, layers of paper and rulers of different forms and shapes. I throw my energy through my body onto the works, just as much as I like to stroke the paper soflty with care. Showing the I consider my work to be part of the Post vandalistic movement.

Studies 'Entangling of contrasts'