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'I figured you would hear me too' 66,5 x 46,5 Spray can, acrylic, lacquer on paper
Series 'About my first roots'




In this work Nicole Gigatti meets with her Italian roots. The typographic elements are symbolic for the old Latin alphabet. The recognition of her roots came to her when visiting the walls of Pompeii and seeing one of the first written graffiti’s people used to make to communicate. Technology changed how the world looks today, but primal needs stayed the same. She understood she was no different from them.


To create a bridge between the 'old' world and the 'new' world she felt the need to research distinctive or synthetic qualities to the materials as if they are 'fabrics'.


Through that she is able to manage casualty. In doing so, Gigatti creates new methods that have adapted to that very specific time and place.


In these artworks she uses a new collage technique. Putting layer on layer spray canned silk paper alternated with Typographic stencilart, expressive paint strokes and smeared paint with large rulers she creates entaglements of her ground elements. The elements of 'nature' and the 'city'

'Release the Truth' 66,5 x 46,5 Spray can, acrylic, lacquer on paper.
'The first layers' 66,5 x 46,5 Spray can, acrylic, lacquer on paper
'Patience' 66,5 x 46,5 Spray can, acrylic, lacquer on paper

In the Tiny Dialogue sessions Nicole Gigatti challenged herself into working smaller than she used to.


During 2020 everything changed. We were collectively not allowed to move away from our homes. She translated this to the small canvas. It made her explore more profound and subtle  emotions and physical sensations.
he artworks turned out to be little conversations with herself.

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