Nicole Gigatti
Wibautstraat 150 Broedplaats 2.67
1091 GR Amsterdam

KvK: 64537978
BTW-id:  NL002272472B81

Nicole Gigatti is a visual artist based in Amsterdam, born in Italy and moved to the Netherlands with her mom and brother when she was six.

It became clear to her art was a way of processing life and a tool to communicate her inner world, while also being a reflection of her outer world. 


In her experiments she needs the use of very immediate media where the result is quick. This immediate quality of the medium and tools create a bridge between the movement and the artwork itself. She plays with the elements of time and space removing the gap between the fluctuations of the mind and the sensory world. Therefore it becomes a physical act. In this expression there is no boundary between the act and the canvas. 


Indian ink, acrylic, lacquer, graffiti, markers, water and found objects are her core media. With her fascination for industrial produced objects, which most of the time are lost-and-found she dialogues with current society. These specific items are stripped from their purpose, useless and worn out. They reveil the awful truth about our mass-polluting and controlled society. 


In her work she senses spontaneity through expression and structure through repetition, showcasing both needs of our existence. These 'abstract' subjects are continuously adapting through time and space. Therefor her experimental art becomes a contemporary narrative of current society.


exhibitions and performances

2020. Virtual Group exhibition Leevels Gallery

2020.Solo exhibition, VOLKSHOTEL

2019.Solo exhibition, Blieb Blieb Art-Gallery Ghent

2019. Solo exhibition, Yoga garage Amsterdam


2017. Duo exhibition, De Lik, Utrecht

2017. Group exhibition, Studio 28, Apeldoorn



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